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My name Is Olayemi Yusuff also known as Yemi. I am a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with 10 years of experience within the nursing realm. My specialty includes acute care and I have had great experience in many Medicine Surgical units such as Orthopedic, Gastroenterology, Transplant, Neurosurgery, Emergency Medicine and much more. I obtained my Masters in Family Medicine at Stony Brook University and my Aesthetic Certifications from Empire Medical Training- voted the #1 Aesthetic, Anti aging educational Institution in New York.

My goal is to provide a natural look based on your aesthetic wants and needs. I love uplifting people’s spirit by making them look and feel their best. I guess that’s why I went with the name Uplift Beauty Studio as I strongly feel that’s my divine purpose

The Aesthetic procedures I specialize in include but are not limited to PDO threads, Botox Fillers, Micro needling with PRP, VI peels and Kybella. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about these beauty treatments

Lastly I am committed to continuing my education within aesthetics field to ensure my clients have the best quality and experience. Further I have done extensive training with highly skilled professionals to ensure safety. Without a question you are in great hands, so come get uplifted by Yemi today!

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What is PDO threads

PDO Thread Lift is the latest non-surgical option for skin tightening, lifting and known well for contributing to a V shape of the face. PDO standing for Polydioxanone a suture that is absorbed within the skin. Ultimately the final result is enhanced skin structure and rejuvenation of the skin through collagen production. This is now the best non-surgical option for a facelift!

The Benefits of PDO threads

Some benefits of thread lifting are the instant effects without having to go under a knife or anesthesia. It is fast procedure and you are able to do your normal routine after procedure such as returning to work. Following the procedure there’s no visible cuts or scars and feel assured that the procedure is safe!

PDO Thread by Area Prices

Areas Original Price Discounted Price
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Forehead Wrinkles 10 MONO Threads $550 $468
Lower Face Lift 6 4DCOG Threads $1,275 $1084
Under Eyes 10Eye Screw Threads $550 $468
Crows feet 10 MONO Threads $550 $468
Marionette Lines 20 Screw Threads $525 $446
Nasolabial Folds (Moderate) 15 SCREW Threads $400 $340
Nasolabial Folds (Deep) 4 Multi Threads $800 $680
Jawline (6 Threads) 4D Cog or Sculpted Threads $1,050 $893
Neck Lift $1,350 $1148
Cheek Volumize (20 Mono Threads) $950 $807
Cheeks Lift (6 4D Cog or Sculpted ) 1050 893
Chin Star 5 Mono Threads $350 $298
Lip Enhancement 15 Screw threads $1100 $935
Glabellar Lines (8 Mono Threads) $600 $510

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Botulinum Toxin

Botox is utilized for relaxation of commonly the facial muscles causing wrinkles and Fine lines. Ultimately leaving smooth less wrinkled and rejuvenated appearance of the skin.

Type of Botulinum Toxin brand Prices
Xeomin Original Price 10/ unit Discount price 8/unit
Botox Original Price 12/unit Discount price 10/unit
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